Strategic Planning


Strategic planning is a major undertaking, and for many organizations, strategic plans are overwhelming, complicated, and sometimes not implemented. Developing an effective strategic plan is possible, and with expert guidance by Nicole, your organization will take its strategic plan from being words on paper to a plan that comes to life.

Nicole’s strategic planning process centers on the Reproductive Justice framework, and is ideal for organizations who provide programs and services utilizing the Reproductive Justice framework (or who want to!) Whether this is your first strategic plan or you’re revising a current one, Nicole helps organizations design a collaborative strategic planning process that meets their needs using her formula:

  • Generate buy-in (from staff, participants, and other key stakeholders)
  • Assessment (Meeting your organization where you currently are: current programs/services, participant retainment, staff capacity, current barriers to success, etc.)
  •  Identify where your organization wants to be (Develop/revise your organization’s mission, values, goals, and objectives)
  • Develop action plans (personalized action plans for each organizational priority with built-in monitoring and evaluation)
  • Develop organizational self care plan (using recipes, remedies, rituals, and resources identified by your staff to prevent burnout)

For an example of exercises used in Nicole’s strategic planning process with one of her clients, check out:

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