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In order to raise your voice for others, you have to take care of yourself first. That’s where self care comes in. If you like this tip, be sure to sign up for the Raise Your Voice newsletter to receive your copy of The Revolution Starts with Me! self care zine for more tips and self care resources.

We know how important self care really is, but how often are we actually incorporating it in our lives? A better question is this: If you are incorporating self care in your life, which area is receiving the most (and the least) attention?

Here’s another great resource from The University of Buffalo School of Social Work at the State University of New York, called the  Self Care Assessment. Adapted by Saakvitne, Pearlman, & Staff of TSI/CAAP (1996), the Self Care Assessment touches upon 6 areas: physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, relationship, and professional.

Use this as a tool to think more about what areas of your life you pay more attention to, and which areas need more attention.

Take the Self Care Assessment

RAISE YOUR VOICE:What you think about this week’s exercise? Share your results and insights with this exercise below in the comments. Also, do you have a self care resource or exercise you want to share? Contact me to have it featured in an upcoming Self Care Corner post.

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