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Back in 2012, The New York Times posted an article about “mindful eating” as a way of being present to help cope with unhealthy eating problems, including binging, anorexia, and bulimia.

Dr. Susan Albers of Eating Mindfully expands more on mindful eating, noting that mindful eating “is being more aware of your eating habits, the sensations, you experience when you eat, and thoughts and emotions you have around food”.

Eating mindfully is different than being mindful of what you eat. When we’re being mindful of what we eat, we’re often focusing more on calories. When we eat mindfully, we extend our thoughts to being present and noting the emotions that come from enjoying what we’re eating.

Take a look at Dr. Albers’ Mindful Eating Plate. It mirrors the MyPlate from Choose My Plate, but instead of focusing on what’s on your plate (such as fruits, protein, dairy, etc.), Dr. Albers focuses on observation, savoring, awareness, non-judgment, and being in-the-moment. Eating mindfully is an act of self care because it encourages us to slow down and be in tune with ourselves and our feelings. Try it out and let me know what you think!

Download the “Mindful Eating” plate

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