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It’s easy to become focused on the things that didn’t go well throughout your day. This week’s quick and easy tip will fix that:

1) Get an empty jar.

2) Before going to bed, write down one good thing that happened that day. If multiple good things happened, write them down on separate pieces of paper. (Feel free to list the date as well).

3) On the evening of 30th day, empty your jar and read through all the cool things that happened throughout the month.

4) Repeat for the next 30 days.

*Extra Credit: Save all of your pieces of paper, and look over them every 3-6 months, or even at the end of the year.

This exercise will train your brain to not only seek out a positive aspect in a situation, but it will also heighten your expectation of something great happening throughout your day.

RAISE YOUR VOICE: What you think about this week’s tip? Share your experience with this exercise below in the comments. Do you have a self care tip? Contact me to have it featured in an upcoming Self Care Corner post.

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