Evaluation Services

You, your organization, and your community are change agents. You know how important your cause is. You know it takes more than passion and knowledge to tirelessly provide quality programs and services for the women and girls of color who walk through your door.

But you’re in survival mode.

To survive, you need to prove to your funders how successful your programs and services are. To survive, you need to prove to key stakeholders that what you do matters. To survive, you need to prove to your participants that they should not only come back for your programs and services, but that what you provide is so behavioral and life changing that they tell others about you. To survive, you need to prove that you can build organizational capacity on limited resources. To survive, you need your staff to care about evaluating what you do as much as they care about being out in the community.

It’s time to stop surviving and start thrivingand working with Nicole Clark Consulting is the key to helping you thrive.

Nicole conducts simple and complex program evaluations, using an evidence-based, comprehensive program evaluation model to highlight program strengths and enhance program impact. When an organization, community group, or agency has a clear understanding and a desire to take control of the success of its programs and services, it extends the current reach of its program and makes a meaningful impact in the lives of women and girls of color.

Program design and evaluation can be a complex, often daunting process filled with unexplained steps, confusing jargon, and high expectations from community stakeholders and outside funders. With a focus on programs and services designed for women and girls of color, Nicole eliminates the guesswork, teaching evaluation skills that are useful and practical. Nicole helps you see the value of evaluating programs and services, determine the needs of your participants, and what matters most to women and girls of color in your community. You can take control over how your work is viewed, resulting in being compensated through community support, funding, donations, and quality participation from your participants.

With Nicole Clark Consulting, your organization can:

  • Design and carry out program evaluation that is user-friendly, capturing your program/services’ strengths, how your  participants view your program/service, and provide recommendations for enhancement
  • Design and deliver evaluation reports that’s adaptable to your audience and result in clear, actionable steps for moving forward in your work
  • Design and facilitate social justice movement and organizational building strategies that improve communication and aid decision-making among your staff, participants, and stakeholders
  • Receive useful and interactive training and workshops in participatory facilitation and evaluation with respect to culture, age, and gender
  • Receive assistance in a smooth transition from evaluation as a time-consuming “must do” to evaluation as a heart-center necessity for raising your voice for women and girls of color.

Ready to raise your voice for women and girls of color? Tell me about your evaluation project today.