Program & Workshop Design Services


When your program or workshop stands on a strong foundation, you increase your chances of creating impact. A strong design or a program or workshop is critical, and combining evaluative thinking and evidence into program and workshop design can contribute to developing robust, impactful programs and workshops.

So, what is design?

Design, as it relates to programs, workshops, and other services, is a process organizations use to develop a program or service.  When the process is collaborative, stakeholders work together to to create or apply a Theory of Change that will show the intended impact of a program or service. A program’s design is also an action plan that, if one were to take the same program and place it in another community, others will be able to implement the program in the same way and achieve the same programming results.

When an organization designs a program, the staff usually knows what meaningful results they wish to promote with the program. When I’m called to evaluate a program, I look for signs that show if a program is responding to a genuine need of the intended audience, or provides a solution to a problem in ways that are useful for the user. Also, I help to provide clarity and help to interpret what intended and actual results. Most importantly, I look to see if all of these signs equal to meaningful change over time.

In other words, it doesn’t pay to create a program or service because it sounds like a good idea or it’s the new “it” thing at the moment. 

Focusing on key learning styles and learning principles, I collaborate with organizations, agencies, and community groups to design programs and workshop curriculum that include SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, result- and time-focused) goals and learning objectives and are gender-sensitive and culturally-relevant.  When I work with groups that are invested in this process, the energy carries the process, and the drives the success of the program.

Some of my requested program, workshop, and curriculum design topics include:

  • Women & Girls of Color
  • HIV/AIDS & STI Prevention & Treatment
  • Parent-Child Communication
  • Allyship
  • Sexuality and Spirituality
  • Reproductive Justice
  • Images of Women & Girls of Color in the Media
  • Feminism
  • Street Harassment 
  • Community Organizing
  • Self Care Promotion and Burnout Prevention
  • Youth-Adult Partnerships

With Nicole Clark Consulting, your organization can:

  • Take the guess work out of determining a program or workshop’s intended goals
  • Design programs with users in mind by creating a User Persona
  • Gain clarity on the problem you want to provide a solution to, and and who the end-users are
  • Capture your program’s strengths
  • Receive assistance in a smooth transition from random programs and services to creating focused, driven programs that help to raise the voices of women and girls of color.

Ready to create or improve your program’s goals? Tell me more about your program idea.